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* New reference page: BMW Radio Service Mode Settings added.

* Updated BMW Vehicle Resources with magazine, DIY/instructional and additional forum sites of interest.

* Improved mobile device page rendering in addition to other layout improvements for small-screen devices.


* Archive file locations updated to


* All BMW series models (for those BMW has released) updated with manuals covering 2012 as per archive policy.

* Added vehicle conversion of units page to BMW info section.

* Replaced the 'add-this' service to local hosted code (less third-party calls).


* BMW abbreviations page added to Info section.

* BMW world-wide sites page added to Info section.

* Vin Codes information page reordered and improved upon.


* Added 2011 manuals aligning with a revised archive policy of 2-years behind current year production models (change from 3-years).

* Added new section - BMW Info Page for BMW related information.

* Separated BMW Radio/Entertainment - Coms/On-board Computer manuals to their own pages.

* Checked and updated all links on the BMW Resources page.

* Updated design to work better with mobile devices, tablets etc, plus other design improvements (keeping it simple).

* Replaced all images with the PNG format - the patent-free replacement for GIF.


* Archived Bluetooth and retro-fit instruction manuals along with a BMW Link.

* iPhone integration manual to media and coms doc pages.


* Archived 2 BMW Bluetooth manuals/guides, E90 radio manual (scan), and E39 radio and communications user manual to media docs page.


* Archived classic 7-series manuals: E23 (1983), E32 (1992), M60 (1992), E38 (1998) to BMW 7 Series and BMW M Series section pages. Some documents are scanned copies from now unobtainable originals.


* Added additional BMW radio manuals, navigation, communication & on-board computer system documents to coms docs section.


* All user manual document sections updated with new manuals for 2010 as per the archive policy.


* Added [rare] 8 Series E31 documents section.

* BMW clubs and registries added to Resources pages.


* Added some Z8 Series Technical Documents plus document scans.

* Updated Resource Links page section [BMW Specific Online Tools].


* Added X6 Series manuals to year 2009.

* Added M Vehicle Series manuals to year 2009.


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